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Matin says Petillas will honor pact with the Romualdezes

By Provincial Media Relations Center (PMRC Leyte)
March 6, 2007

TACLOBAN CITY, Leyte   First District of Leyte Congresswoman Remedios “Matin” Petilla assures she will follow the agreement forged between the Petillas and Romualdezes with President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as far as equity of the incumbent is concerned in the district for local candidates in the May polls.

“As far as equity of the incumbent is concerned, nagsabot kami ni Martin nga diri mabutang an Lakas nga may-ada equity of the incumbent an Kampi and KAMPI will not put up a candidate against hin Lakas nga mayda liwat equity of the incumbent,” Congresswoman Petilla said.

This the lady solon was referring to underground talks the Petillas would be putting up their candidates in the local arena to face off with the incumbent local executives seeking reelection.

Cong. Petilla is the district chair of Lakas while Atty. Martin Romualdez is the district chair of Kampi.

She added that the unification forged do not extend its clouts over other parties other than those under the administration coalition, who may want to seek a post and challenge incumbent reelectionists, particulary the mayoralty posts.

“That doesn’t mean nga an iba nga partido diri na madalagan. Puede ito hira magdalagan. We are in a democracy. Whoever is qualified can run,” she further explained.

The congressional representative also alluded to radio talks that she is regrouping her barangay force and reorganizing her people with a plan to pursue a congressional bid despite the unification forged in Malacańang some two weeks back.

As she revealed the agreement made between the two big political families is she will support Atty. Martin Romualdez when he runs for congressman, while the Romualdez would in turn support Gov. Petilla in his reelection with both families agreeing not to field any candidates from their clan to face against one another.

Talks on Congresswoman Petilla contemplating on a comeback rather than a retirement came after a group of barangay officials were sent to Manila the other week for a Lakbay Aral, which trip was sponsored by the lady solon’s office.

The same officials were noted to have been the same officials who were with Atty. Romualdez when he and other officials from Leyte’s First District, took oath as members of the Kampi party in Manila last January.

“An unification nga sabot waray didto magsiring nga diri na ako makakalakat, ada na la ako ha balay mag-inukoy ngan diri na ako makigkita hiton tawo o mag-gantsilyo nala ako. If that was the reason of the unification, definitely I would have disagreed,” Congresswoman Petilla explained.

She maintains she still hold the responsibility to continue the projects owed to the people of the First District which should be put in place before the election ban will be imposed otherwise it will remain pending till the election period is over.