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“Harampang han mga Sangkay han Barangay” – a “politics of service”

By Provincial Media Relations Center (PMRC Leyte Province)
January 1, 2007

TACLOBAN CITY, Leyte  –  Leyte First District Representive Remedios “Matin” Petilla is forming the “Harampang han mga Sangkay han Barangay” – a project that brings government services and projects directly to the people and addressing their concerns through general assemblies.

Congresswoman Remedios Petilla photo
Congresswoman Matin Petilla

The activity has already started gaining favorable response from constituents in Leyte’s First District as the lady solon personally gives out the services such as medical and nutritional needs, financial assistance and chairs their barangay assembly.

Rep. Petilla said this is the kind of governance that has worked effectively even during the time when she was still serving as governor of the Leyte province.

“This is addressing the people’s concern through the grassroots level. When they ask for a financial assistance for a certain project, I would personally give the cheque to them in the barangay so that the people would know too that this project is coming up. The projects do not just stay with the barangay officials but the whole barangay is made aware that such a project is ready to be put up,” Rep. Petilla said.

She added by doing this, the people themselves become involve in monitoring and assessing the project until it is reported accomplished.

Not only that, she said, most importantly the “Harampang han mga Sangkay han Barangay” bridges the gap between government and the barangays by providing venue to talk on all of the barangays’ concerns – infrastructure, health, medical and financial needs.

The lady solon said that she may not be able to address the problem all in one setting but the concern is brought to her attention so that ways to solve it are formulated is immediately being moved.

“I get to talk to barangay officials and the residents. A heart-to-heart to talk on what they need and what the government and I, as their representative, can help. Mismo hira nga mga residente nakakapaabot kon ano iton ira kinahanglanon gud, ano iton ira mga problema ngan diri na naagi pa kon hin-o nga mga channels,” the lady solon disclosed.

One barangay official which the lady solon recently visited said that she is the only official who has been consistent in her performance as a public servant and who really attends to the barangay’s concerns.

“Baga hiya hin nanay nga manginginano kon ano iton kinahanglan ngan kon ano iton puede mabulig niya para hiton barangay. Waray lipod-lipod nga serbisyo,” the barangay official said.

“Hadto pa man maki-barangay na gud ako. I personally see them and talk to them as they are very important part of the society and the government. That is why every after my responsibilities in the Halls of Congress, I always seek a chance to visit them.”

This, she said, what you call as “politics of service”. That is what her governance would always be for the people she serves, she concluded.