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Online voting upholds OFWs’ right of suffrage

By Philippine Information Agency (PIA 8)
January 17, 2007

TACLOBAN CITY, Leyte  –  The pronouncement of the Commission on Elections that the pilot testing of online voting for Overseas Filipino Workers would push through in Singapore on April 14, is welcomed with joy by the Filipino people as it is a clear manifestation of upholding the right of suffrage of the “new heroes” of the country.

This is indeed good news as the election period starts. This will mean that even if the Filipino Overseas Workers are away from home by force of circumstance, they will still be able to join in the democratic exercises in the country.

Pioneer in Philippine elections, the internet voting will be initially held in Singapore as the testing area because the country is relatively small and the administration of the process would be easy and controllable.

COMELEC said that there is no way election fraud will be committed because of the high security features of the mode being used. If this is so, then perhaps, it could also be used here in the country to ensure a truly clean and honest elections.

Around 26,000 OFWs are set to exercise their right of suffrage as they cast their votes online using the high-security features of the technology provided by Scytl, a Spanish IT company.

It is prayed that the pilot testing in Singapore will be successful because if it is, the mode will also be implemented in the United States, Middle East countries and Hongkong where most Overseas Filipino Workers abound.

Be it as it may, the government’s move to allow the Overseas Filipino Workers the right to vote no matter where they are in this whole wide world, is a clear proof of the government’s recognition of the great contributions the OFWs are doing not only in improving the economic situation of their respective families but in ensuring that the country’s economic growth will be pushed and sustained.