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Improvement of all hospitals: top priority of a gubernatorial aspirant in Samar

February 14, 2007

BASEY, Samar –  “If I will be chosen as (the next) governor of this province, the first thing that I will do is to improve our Provincial Hospital and all the district hospitals in this province.”

Mayor Neliph Figueroa

“Another thing is the massive and alarming graft and corruption practices that are now happening in the provincial administration involving millions of people’s money.”

Thus said Zumarraga Mayor Neliph Figueroa during a “snap meeting” and gathering of the community leaders and supporters held at the residence of come-backing mayoralty candidate of Basey, Didi Estorninos, Sunday morning.

“Look at our provincial hospital in Catbalogan, there were no medicines. No enough nurses that will look into emergencies or sick people admitted into that hospital,” adding that majority of the working nurses has resigned already because they haven’t receiving exact salaries they deserved for at least six months.

One living proof to that “are the wife of my nephew and her co-worker. They approached me informing that they have just resigned. Like many others, some of us were deprived of our salaries,” the mayor added.

“Also, residents that are denied of medicines in the Samar Provincial Hospital (SPH) were given at the extension office of your Congressman, we have reserve some aids there for such a reason,” Mayor Figueroa stressed.

At this point, she vowed that once she was elected into office, she will conduct a total facelift to SPH and all the district hospitals in Basey, Marabut, Gandara, Tarangnan, and in Calbayog City, all this province.

These hospitals should be renovated, equip with necessary machines, beds and chairs, and most importantly medicines, “so that our nurses and doctors will be inspired to serve for the less privileged.”

The lady mayor said she was convinced by the two solons of the province to run for governor this coming May 14 election because they knew “I can handle the changing the image and the kind of governance we are experiencing now.”

The frightening graft and corruption in Samar is also one reason why I decided to accept the offer to run as governor. “Imagine, the yearly Internal Revenue Allotment of Samar is about 800 million a year, but not a single development project has she done in our province, nahihingain man ito nga aton mga kwarta? Pagmata na kita mga Samarnon. We are being robbed by this person who is not even an uray nga Samarnon.”

“I challenge you all the leaders to be more responsive to the calls for good governance.  You should be more participative in the social issues especially in choosing government officials to ensure that the basic needs of the people be effectively addressed,” mayor Figueroa disclosed.

Mayor Figueroa, who is the incumbent president of the Samar Mayor’s League and concurrently the regional president of the Mayor’s League of the Philippines for Eastern Visayas, vice-president of the Mayor’s League in the whole Visayas and the chairman, in one of the committees of the Congressional Spouses Foundation, Inc. of the House of Representatives is expected file her certificate of candidacy anytime soon.