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Chavit Singson wows East Samar Brgy Health Workers

By ALICE NICART (PIA Eastern Samar)
February 28, 2007

BORONGAN, Eastern Samar  –  Unity Ticket senatorial candidate Luis Chavit Singson received cheers from Eastern Samar’s Barangay Health Workers (BHWs) as he entered the hall of the Eastern Samar State University (ESSU) Filature building where they held on Monday their Sixth Provincial Congress.

In his message, Singson said that his province, Ilocos Sur used to be a 5th class province, today it jumped a big leap to becoming a third class; this he said was realized through his own doing by appealing Congress then, to pass a bill which would effect local taxation of local products. His appeals paid off and with R.A. 7171 providing more local income, his province grew its economy with tobacco being their major industry and generating for them more and more income.  When a province is self-reliant, Chavit said there is no need to be asking funds from officials in Manila and elsewhere. He mentioned of Eastern Samar being rich in mineral and other natural resources which when utilized sustainably could possibly give more progress to the people.

Singson thus appealed for the support of the BHWs because he dreams to help in effecting  more reforms in the countryside.  He thinks of decentralization where more and more provinces and municipal government units could stand strongly in terms of furthering their economy.  Secondly, he believes in food production, because according to him food is the most basic need of the family which must be addressed primarily by the family; Social Justice - Singson said that many are wanting justice but in truth it has been a common observation that when the respondent happens to be poor he is likely to go to jail because he could not hire a good lawyer.  Last in his platform of government is quality education that he plans to be made available to both the rich and the poor.

Governor Singson revealed the reason why the so-called Team Unity.  According to him it can be observed that some senatorial candidates in their ticket are incumbent governors and unlike in the previous concepts of senatoriables, Team Unity is about the countryside or giving primary focus in provincial development.  He said that gone are the days when senatoriables were pure holders of incumbent senatorial posts.  Without offense meant, some of them he said are only seen in the provinces during campaign periods, with him in the list, he said he can do some changes towards the countryside should he be given the chance.

Taking his own private plane which landed at the still-to-undergo some rehabilitation Borongan airport, Chavit Singson was accompanied by Congressman Nonoy Libanan, Governor Ben Evardone who invited her personally for the BHWs Congress,  Vice governor Leander Geli, SP members and mayors. He made special mention of Mrs. Elda Libanan whom he said could be his future partner in Congress. The lady Libanan was earlier cited by Congressman Libanan in his introductory message as his possible future caretaker of the several unfinished business in Congress.

Earlier Governor Evardone in a radio interview disclosed that he has earmarked some P500M as assistance to BHWs, and when Congressman Libanan spoke, he likewise mentioned of another aid to the tune of P1M. BHW Federation President Gracia Baris was all in awe at the amount her organization can spend for their medical kits, for advancing their skills and for purchases of some medicines to be brought to the most depressed families in their catchment barangays.