List of Candidates

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Biliran Province
List of Candidates
May 14, 2007 Elections

Name of Candidates

Nickname Political Party
   1. CHONG, Glenn A. Glenn Liberal Party
   2. ESPINA, Gerardo Sr. S. Gerry Kampi
   3. VISBAL, Robert M. Bob Independent
   1. ALMADRO, Ruben L. Ben Liberal Party
   2. AMBE, Edgardo S. Edgar Independent
   3. ESPINA, Rogelio J. Roger Lakas-CMD
   1. CURSO, Lucila C. Lucy Lakas-CMD
   2. GONZALES, Jose C. Joe Agta Independent / Liberal Party
   3. JARO, Chris J. Chris Liberal Party
   4. MADERAZO, Melchor G. Dondon Independent
 FOR BOARD MEMBERS (1st District)    
   1. APOLINAR, Eden S. Eden Lakas-CMD
   2. JADULCO, Bebiano S. Jadulco Liberal Party
   3. KHO, Ricardo R. Boboy Lakas-CMD
   4. LUCENTE, Oscar B. Car Liberal Party
   5. PACIOLES, Teofanes A. Fanny Liberal Party
   6. SABITSANA, Elizar S. Ely Lakas-CMD
   7. SOLITE, Getolio B. Getol Lakas-CMD

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 FOR BOARD MEMBERS (2nd District)    
   1. CANONOY, Mathew C. Mat Liberal Party
   2. ENAGE, Gina Maria B. Gina Lakas-CMD
   3. GERVACIO, Orencio T. Renz Lakas-CMD
   4. LETRAN, Simplicio Jr. P. Junjun Liberal Party
   5. MEJIA, Pablo III A. Kokong Independent
   6. RAAGAS, Guido P. Jojo Veloso Liberal Party
   7. SABORNIDO, Rolando A. Boyet Lakas-CMD
   8. TUBIS, Eriberto Jr. D. Boboy Lakas-CMD

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