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The Man to reign is born?

January 22, 2007

As I promised, we will talk about the so-called “agimat” or political “anting-anting” of Congressman Reynaldo Uy, which makes him always at the helm of victory in every election in Samar’s first district.

But I am not referring here of a medallion that he might be wearing at all times, which typifies a supernatural force that brings your wishes into reality, or even save you from danger or would keep someone unharmed as he walks through the edges of a gigantic “gillette” razor blade, aarggh!!!

Neither that I will be talking about some sort of supernatural adventures such as those that we watch in the movie flicks of “Pepeng Agimat” or on the saga of “Nardong Putik”, but to simply check on a prophesized political scenario that hounds and follows the good legislator since his entry into politics.

The text message maybe true or false, but it’s worth talking about, especially that Congressman Uy is presently pitted with an equally prophecy inclined personality, Mayor Joseph Grey of San Jorge, who just announced his bid in next year’s congressional race.

Mayor Grey, before entering into politics likewise sought the intervention of a well known seer in Manila, and the lady seer told him that he will win the mayoralty in San Jorge, which obviously came true, and that he will likewise elevate himself to a higher position and likewise will win without much of a prejudice.

On the part of Congressman Uy, when he entered politics more than a decade ago with now Mayor Mel Senen Sarmiento as his opponent in the Calbayog City mayoralty post in 1995, he as well consulted a “feng shui” artist, who told him that he will prosper in the said elections and would continuously do so, undefeated at that.

And in reality, the prophecy about his elections winning streak from his being the city mayor against Sarmiento and Tuazon in the congressional elections, was indeed astounding, that he became an invincible political figure in Samar’s first district.

Up to the present, the fearless solon brought maybe by such prophetic stance of a “feng shui” analyst, made him arrived into some sort of “with nothing to live for” political ploys, when he go against his former political ally incumbent Governor Mila Tan, and subsequently employed (as alleged) all vice-mayors in his district to run against their respective mayors who are reportedly supportive of the re-election bid of Tan.

It seems that our good solon is trying to supernaturally subvert a reality that in politics, the incumbent executives have all chances and opportunity to make all things right during elections.

But who knows? Congressman Uy’s invisible medallion might just be true in carrying him up to victory, without the support of the majority of the local chiefs in Samar’s first district.

But unlike from the prophecy made by a lady seer on Mayor Grey’s supposed political career who didn’t mention about losing, the “feng shui” analyst of Congressman Uy told the solon that he is destined to loose to a man whose family name starts with a letter coming from the Divine Providence, and that the succeeding letters shall be coming from the solon’s name itself and ends up with the same letter as the last letter of his family name which is UY. Whew! Quite absurd… but friends look at this analysis this column has made, just for “wala lang”, trip2x lang.

When we talk of Divine Providence, it surely means “GOD”, and if we are to follow the solon’s “feng shui” analyst’s prophecy, the man destined to defeat him should have a family name that starts the first letter of the Divine Providence which is “G”, while the rest of the succeeding letters will come from name itself of Congressman Uy and will end with the last letter of his family name.

Grey vs. Uy for Samar's 1st district in 2007.

If that is the case the solon’s name is REYNALDO, and attaching the letter “G” to it, it will read GREYNALDO, and further applying the last clue, which is the last letter of the solon’s family name which is UY that ends up with a “Y”, then are we looking on a name like “GREY”???

Well, San Jorge Mayor Joseph Grey just announced his bid versus the incumbent solon. Is he the GREY that the prophetic “feng shui” analyst was referring to?

But no matter what, my point is for the people to choose the best leader that they want, after all they are the one who will suffer the consequences of their respective votes, your vote is your future, kun ano an karuyag mo mahitabo han im kinabuhi, amo ito an imo ginbotos, it is not the supernatural forces that maybe is surrounding us that dictates our future, sering pa han kantahunon, “Our life is what we make it”.

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