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A Samson and Delilah in Catbalogan

January 15, 2007

It's been a while since I went out of print in my local newspaper due to busy schedules and tons of work. I just dunno' if indeed I already survived the threats and the apparent attempt to discredit my integrity as a media man, that was poured into a heating political kettle, or should I say, political mess in the first district of Samar by some of our misguided friends in the Philippine Army, but yes! As of this writing, I am still praying for it to wane.

But getting to the meat of my real business this day, the virtually unopposed re-electionist Mayor Tekwa Uy of Catbalogan will not after all make it too easy in the 2007 elections. This despite of an earlier proposal coming from Cong. Reynaldo Uy, whose blood relationship are exemplified of course by their family names, for the Figueroa's camp not to pit a candidate against Mayor Tekwa.


But Mayor Tekwa is a "bala-e" of Governor Mila Tan, and more over a known supporter of the lady governor in his 3 year stint as chief executive of Catbalogan; and that, created some sort of apprehension on the part of the Figueroa's, because of the fact that Zumarraga Mayor Neliptha Figueroa will be bidding for the gubernatorial post against Governor Tan, and not to mention the plan of the younger Sharee Ann Tan to go against incumbent Congressman Cata Figueroa.

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One member of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan here, quipped that it is not possible for Mayor Tekwa to get 4 councilors in his political ticket from Mila's camp and will shout, "Mila Tan for Governor and Tekwa Uy for Mayor!" during the campaign period, while the other 4 councilors who will be coming from the Figueroa's camp will be shouting "Nelip Figueroa for Governor and Tekwa Uy for Mayor!", otherwise that would be the most barbaric political scene the Catbaloganons will surely see.

In short, Mayor Tekwa must take his side. And his alliance with the lady governor is virtually the strongest position he should take that will make him a "SAMSON" in Catbalogan's political history. But being a "Samson" has some weaknesses too, as the Figueroa's camp will not allow Mayor Tekwa to be bringing in the Catbalogan votes to Mila Tan nor to the younger Tan, thus, if Mayor Tekwa is the "SAMSON" of Milas's camp in Catbalogan, the Figueroa's therefore will be fielding a "DELILAH" to go against him just like the old biblical times, oohhh... a pretty good political and biblical showdown it will be, but who will reign?


Next posting, we will talk about the political "agimat" or "anting-anting" of Congressman Reynaldo Uy of Samar's first district based on the text messages I got from one of his closest man who doesn't want to be identified. Why is he that ferocious in his political plans? What that guy means is the insurmountable political twists that Cong. Uy usually employ in furtherance of his political career, just like his recent fearless opposition to Mila Tan and to the majority of the Mayors in the first district which might endanger his chances to get re-elected. Till next time.

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